As Christians it is our individual goal in life to live as Jesus lived. At the same time St Mark Presbyterian Church seeks also to be a community that brings the light of peace and justice to the world where individuals often cannot. As a group St Mark participates in various endeavors in and around Portland which we hope help people in need.

  • Equality –St Mark Presbyterian has a long and exciting tradition of fighting for the equal treatment of all God’s children, regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. St Mark is an open and affirming congregation which welcomes ALL to come and experience the love of community and the love of God.
  • Poverty-Through our work with the Clark Center Transition Projects Program which feeds the homeless a home cooked meal every evening, our monthly donations of food to the SW Neighborhood House Program in Multnomah Village, our Christmas Fleece Hats and Scarves Sewing night for the Homeless, and our overseas travel with teams of workers to the Bharati Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS) in India we strive to do whatever we can to eliminate poverty in our own neighborhoods, cities, nation, and every corner of the world.
  •  Mission-St Mark has a unique and special relationship with a non-profit agency in southern India called BIRDS. Through giving and annual mission trips to Andra Pradesh, India St Mark members make a real and tangible difference in the lives of the Dalit peoples. We travel with teams of workers to BIRDS about every 18 months providing health care, English language tutoring in their school, education for cottage industries, and encouragement to the people of BIRDS in their mission work.
  • Relief-Every day, throughout the world, the awesome power of nature proves that we are not owners but merely stewards of this planet. Natural disasters mobilize many into action through charitable foundations and gifts of time and effort. St Mark’s youth group has actively carried out this calling on numerous occasions, including trips to New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Our members are able to donate directly to emergency aide efforts around the world through the relief work of PCUSA.